Vagabond Valkyrie is a travel, adventure, and fitness blog from the perspective of a introverted, over-read, underachieving, scientist, part-time ski instructor and gamer, who is also a former roller derby athlete attempting to be a film maker.


So, if you want to follow along while someone tries to do everything at once, I’m your girl.


It’s worth noting that this project is occurring in conjunction with a couple of podcasts that I’m working on. The first is one about outdoor adventures for the weekend warrior called Max & Sin’s Paper Map Adventures which will be produced in conjunction with one of my former roller derby buddies (hence the whole “Max & Sin” thing). The second yet-to-be-named cast is regarding women breaking into film and will be produced in conjunction with Makeshift Film Group, the company my husband and I started.


So keep an eye out for all of that

I’ll try to keep it fun. Hit me up if you have any questions.