100 Favorite Things

Not all that long ago, Brendan Leonard over at Semi-Rad published a list of 100 Favorite Things. Writing my own list was surprisingly satisfying, so I’m sharing it. Given how negative life can be, spending the time to come up with 100 positive things was a nice exercise that I recommend.

  1. Frank Herbert’s Dune books. That’s only the Frank Herbert books and explicitly not the ones by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.
  2. Fruit. Specifically, mangoes, raspberries, cherries, pineapple, and peaches. I hear India has the best mangoes and I kinda want to visit just to taste them.
  3. Summer nights
  4. Odd 13’s Humulus Kalecumber beer
  5. Sherlock
  6. James S.A. Corey’s Expanse book series and the associated television show
  7. Picking up heavy objects and putting them down again
  8. Photography – even when my only camera is my phone, I’ll never stop thinking like a photographer
  9. This video about making things
  10. This YouTube channel in general
  11. Galloping a horse across an open field
  12. Skiing – all the time, all types. I’m also a beginner snowboarder and I think I’ll like that too, once I’m better at it.
  13. The Legend of Zelda. Specifically, the original The Legend of Zelda NES game, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Breath of the Wild. I never played any of the old Gameboy Zeldas.
  14. Learning to cook Indian Food
  15. Skyrim – yes, it’s old and buggy as hell, but I still love it. I also like to run to the soundtrack.
  16. You Must Remember This
  17. Disgraceland
  18. Freakonomics – both the book and the podcast
  19. The X- Files – the first five seasons in particular
  20. The love-hate relationship that I have with the incredible-terrible phenomena that is running.
  21. The very similar feelings that I have toward writing.
  22. The very similar feelings that I have toward swimming whitewater
  23. Brain Pickings
  24. The Left Hand of Darkness
  25. Giant snow storms. I want enough snow to have to dig tunnels.
  26. This specific chocolate
  27. All Miyazaki films, but especially Nausicaa
  28. This short film
  29. Kurt Vonnegut in general, though God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater is my favorite
  30. Asimov’s Foundation Series
  31. Drinking beer with my brothers
  32. Gentlemen Broncos
  33. Noisli – my favorite productivity site
  34. Kanopy – all you need is a library card from a participating library
  35. Also, the literary equivalents, Overdrive or Libby
  36. Khan Academy
  37. The Venture Bros is so good that it hurts.
  38. Silflay hraka u embleer rah – the best book you’ll ever read about rabbits
  39. I used to play a lot of Everquest II and I still kinda miss Norrath
  40. I still have dreams of breaking through the pack and I quit roller derby in 2013
  41. What’s better? Star Trek or Star Wars? The correct answer is Babylon 5
  42. Whitewater rafting on the Gauley River
  43. This podcast keeps me motivated to not give up on filmmaking
  44. And this guy keeps me motivated in general
  45. Castlevania on Netflix is amazing.
  46. It’s been years since we moved away from Kentucky, but Dragon King’s Daughter is still one of my favorite places.
  47. Shish Kabob Grill in Denver still has the best hummus I’ve ever had.
  48. Rioja is my favorite for a fancy pants meal.
  49. The trout amandine at Steuben’s in Uptown is so good that I never order anything else.
  50. Strange Planet has me hooked
  51. Best of the Worst has filled the void that MST3K used to occupy (no, I haven’t seen the new MST3K yet)
  52. Watching bad movies with my husband
  53. Star Trek Timelines – I tried deleting it from my phone. I failed.
  54. This subreddit
  55. Fooducate
  56. 10 Barrel’s Cucumber Crush – I dig sours
  57. DiNK Denver
  58. Learning to cook Mediterranean Food
  59. This is my favorite cook book, though
  60. Pod Save America
  61. iNaturalist
  62. My favorite Star Trek TNG episode
  63. WiFMCO
  64. This class
  65. The Best Thing on Facebook
  66. The Oatmeal
  67. XKCD
  68. After years of dealing with white gas, I finally got a Jetboil and I’m a total convert
  69. I like the Aqua Teen Hunger Force so much that I named one of my cats after it
  70. Sealab 2021 was an underrated gem
  71. Adding places to my travel spreadsheet even though I can’t afford to go anywhere yet. I like how optimistic it feels.
  72. My friends sci fi synth band
  73. Andy Serkis as Theresa May
  74. The Colorado Sun
  75. Obvious Plant
  76. The Eric Andre Show
  77. Reductress
  78. Seed&Spark
  79. Raspberry/Lemon/Strawberry Fruit Frenzy Popsicles from Trader Joes
  80. NPRs podcasts. Basically, all of them, but especially Hidden Brain.
  81. Nightvale Presents Podcasts – Alice Isn’t Dead, Welcome to Nighvale, and Within the Wires are my favorites so far. Pretty sure I’m going to like Start With This, too.
  82. We’re Alive
  83. Semi-Rad – gotta give a shout out to the inspiration
  84. This video about faking a model
  85. The Sagan Series
  86. By the Book
  87. Wild Ideas Worth Living
  88. The happy hour specials here
  89. My favorite bookstore in Denver
  90. My other favorite bookstore in Denver
  91. My favorite breakfast spot in Denver
  92. My favorite bar in Denver
  93. My favorite bar in Denver that has live music
  94. Classical Art Memes
  95. and then we’ll be ok..
  96. This shirt
  97. The fact that Final Fantasy VII is on switch
  98. This shuttle
  99. This cozy little bookstore/coffee shop/ice cream parlour in Nederland
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