Les Mills is my Quarantine Savior

Note: I am not sponsored by Les Mills. In fact, I am confident they have no idea who I am.

Fitness keeps me happy and sane. I know this now and I knew it before quarantine. Les Mills is also something I knew about before quarantine – I had been taking Body Pump classes on and off for years at various YMCAs – but Les Mills OnDemand. Well… that was new.

When Colorado gyms closed for Quarantine in the spring, the Denver area Y offered members free OnDemand access. It’s exactly what I needed. Actually it’s what I’ve been needing for years, what with my rural location and commute issues. Better late than never, I suppose.

Free subscription via the YMCA + Chromecast = home fitness class

The accessibility is part of it. The affordability is another ($14.99/mo USD). It’s also helpful to have perky fit people yell at you. At least, it helps me. It’s not all cardio, either – Body Pump involves weight lifting – but since I don’t own enough weights, I’m mostly doing Bodycombat. Thankfully there are plenty of options such as combat that don’t require gear. Body Flow (yoga) and Grit (something I fearfully have yet to try) are two others.

The gear situation is the biggest downside to me. It’s just not possible at this time. Also, the Les Mills branded gear is pricey. I’ll be seeking out alternatives.

Overall I love it. It’s effective and it’s keeping me sane so I’m sharing my knowledge of it with you. Stay well.

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